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The Psychology of Color

Picking Paint Colors

Where Do We Begin?

Starting at a young age it is common to hear the question, “What’s your favorite color?” Decorators and designers in Birmingham, Alabama, may ask the very same question. Odds are your preferences change some over time and with age. There may also be colors that you dislike. Why are we drawn to certain colors? Why do some colors make us uneasy? It all boils down to the psychology of color.

What is Color Psychology?

The psychology of color is rooted in how colors impact human emotion. The study of this specific branch of psychology helps us to better understand how and why color effects the way people think and feel. Once we understand that color and emotion go hand in hand, we understand that there are some colors that are better suited to certain spaces over others.

How Does this Apply to My Renovation?

You may have a specific color in mind just because you love it. Depending on how the room is situated and how much natural light it gets, it may be necessary to adjust that color a bit. This is where we would discuss warm versus cool variations of your favorite color. Cooler tones work well in south and west facing rooms, while warmer tints are nice in north and east facing rooms. It all hinges on how long the sun shines in that room and how bright it is.

People often assume that the color yellow is the happiest color you can paint in a space. While some yellows encourage optimism and a cheery disposition, too much yellow in a design, or too bright a yellow, can weigh on you and make you feel aggravated and depressed. Similarly, the color red is very stimulating, and in common spaces it draws people together in invigorating conversation. If you use the wrong shade of red in a smaller room or private space, it can induce feelings of anxiety as it can actually elevate your heart rate.

Greens and blues are reminiscent of the natural world and can bring feelings of peace and serenity. When you spend time in a room that is green you may feel comforted and refreshed. Green gives a sense of organic balance. Blue in the right color family can lower your heart rate and blood pressure. This is why people often choose blues for bedrooms and bathrooms in order to feel relaxed. Blue also builds confidence and encourages success. Deeper shades of blue are great for a study or office.

Too Many Paint Swatches to Choose From? We Can Help!

It can be easy to get overwhelmed with picking paint colors. Interior and exterior paints aren’t cheap, and you don’t want to paint an entire space before deciding it is the wrong color. Many colors can be shifted to their warmer or cooler tints, tones, and shades depending on your design choices. At The Magdalene Vine, we will help you find the best color scheme for your space that will bring your vision to life. Give us a call at 205-613-3836 or 205-718-4779 to schedule your free consultation.

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