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Our Services

Everything You Need To Make Your Space Feel Like Home

Decorating & Staging

Whether you are wanting to revamp a single room or an entire home, The Magdalene Vine will bring in fresh decor that we can mix with those timeless pieces you don't want to let go of. We will reinvigorate your space with a beautiful, cohesive look that you will love.

Spatial Planning

The Magdalene Vine will create a detailed plan for you that is functional and desirable from top to bottom. Whether you are looking for a full-scale renovation or optimum furniture placement, we gather all measurements and create specified renderings that will enable you to visualize your completed space.

Renovation Management

Don't have time to be in constant contact with a contractor? From minimal to maximum renovations, The Magdalene Vine has you covered. We will create plans including a detailed schedule and budget, all while working with your contractor through the entire process until your renovation is completed.

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